Just a dash

Even when you write an essay, assignment or book, the introduction to your piece comes the hardest thing to do.

While some authors prefer to write the book first, and the introduction at last, this is not possible or at least not simple when you start your own business.

Therefore, this page will now hold just a small piece of the whole puzzle.

However, in time, and with all different items published – the introduction will probably write itself.


While working for different agencies in the design field, I fell in love with surface design and how different textures and forms repeat themselves in various items. It is interesting, how one item is similar to another, only if you look at it from a perspective of base shapes which combined together form patterns. By repetition of shapes in patterns, and their application to a product, be it fashion, decor or art, you get the whole design. You give a life to an object.
At that time (1999), started to experiment and worked on different projects in the branding, graphic design and surface design field, helping mostly local apparel and product development companies to develop commercially desired items. My area of work involved graphic design and a bit later on web design as well, providing these companies ‘essential all service package’ – product design from scratch to finish supported by a complete branding package for launch and marketing of the product.
During the creative process and project execution, I used to find myself ‘in a corner’. When you design something, you design for the masses and observe things from commercial point of view. You ensure your design is salable. Although I love my work and all opportunities I had and have, like many designers, sometimes I find this limits my imagination and my true designer self. While working on corporate design projects has its own beauty, I longed for a place where I can express myself as a designer. This is the main reason why I started Patternific.

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